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Interactive Packaging: the Future of Labeling

Making products smart allows brands to create direct relationships with consumers and improve marketing operations directly from their product package.

DirectLink™ connects your brand’s message directly from your product package to the consumer, through their smartphone.

Understand consumers


...if with one tap of a mobile phone, your brand could deliver relevant product information or special offers

...instantly rewarding  consumers for sharing their experiences  on social media or for purchasing multiple products or brands

...communicating your brand message directly from your package

Be connected through product life

  • Expand the package: communicate additional product info or brand messages
  • Let consumers use smartphones to unlock extra digital value from their products
  • Build brand loyalty and drive repeat purchase or up-sell/cross-sell
  • Leverage digital space to decrease packaging costs

Improve Marketing Operations

  • Build a digital marketing database and capture valuable consumer insights
  • Easily create, test and manage marketing campaigns to optimize spend
  • Win the battle at retail for mindshare of the consumer
  • Continue to communicate with the consumer, even after purchase